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released July 27, 2015


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CENTRIC Charlottesville, Virginia

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Track Name: The Fifth Dimension
To blow a second candle we double our days alive
And by our 30th it takes a 30th the time
Its how those days of youth once stretched for miles
All seem to disappear in the flash of a firefly

And when the kids we kissed under the stairs have settled down
Now their parents hold their children's children hand
You can morn for misspent youth, or take control
Cause we all vibrate in a reality we’ve created

And when the flames of hate are marching through your town
We must align our stars and Stomp all who divide us out
Though these days have darkness we'll rise to the sun
Track Name: Heartlead
Stumbling through the starting line
Swore it off a thousand times
Still the amber glows in you

It's all the things we do, of which we can't explain
Must be hardwired to, our preconfigured brains

Crawling back into the fire
Flashing lights are cast aside
The endings etched in stone but still, you pursue

Because the things we do, no logic can explain
Must be hardwired to, our self destructive brains
Just a man in a cave, we are who we are
All instincts the same, not much we've evolved

Oh, I believe it's true, every impulse in you, is all innate
Know, the journey is ours, we don't choose who we are, anymore who we love

It's all the things we do, no logic can explain
Must be hardwired to, our pre determined brains

Just a man in the woods, with no course to chart
Walks a straight line for days, but ends at the start
So plot out your path, no mind if it's flawed
Just lead with the heart, there's no right or wrong

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